My name is Glen Reed and about eight years ago I was in a terrible car accident that nearly took my life. I was in the wrong place at the right time and my life forever changed for the better.

Before that car accident I was a life coach obsessed with hustle culture. I believed that the right way to live life was as fast as possible. I was all about making money and living to the extreme. The accident put all of that hunger and desire into perspective. I was missing the beautiful moments that were slipping by. I was missing birthday parties, my sibling’s having children, I was missing honest connection in my life. What I really realized though, was that I wasn’t alone.

Our world has become fixated on bigger and better. The wealthiest billionaires, the strongest weight lifters, or the longest lifespans. In that race for “the best” we’ve missed the mark on being alive. Communication and connection have fallen by the wayside. In the years since that accident, I’ve turned my attention to helping other people find their happiness in the moment. I’ve worked with countless schools, businesses, and individuals. No longer coaching them on how to maximize their income, but on how to maximize their life experience.

My teachings focus on three core tenants: personal health, self-inquiry, and overall responsibility.

My name is Glen Reed and about eight years ago I was…