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5 Reasons Why Self-Discipline Leads to Success

self discpline and confident

Everyone wants to succeed in life, but without self-discipline, success is almost impossible to achieve. Now, you might be wondering why is discipline so important in life? Is it even more important than things like money, talent, and intelligence?

You see, many people have money, especially the ones who were born in a rich family, but do they all succeed in life? Countless people have ruined their life due to an excessive amount of money. Likewise, there are many talented and intelligent individuals out there who can all achieve great things. However, most of them do not get ahead in life simply because they have no discipline whatsoever.

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Scientific Studies On Psychedelics – Unearthing The Positivity & Benefits

Psychedelic drugs or Hallucinogenic drugs are chemical compounds that have always been surrounded by various myths. However, the fact remains that experts around the world are continuously trying to unearth the positive power of psychedelic therapies. Every now and then, new scientific research proves the magic of these drugs like LSD or Lysergic Acid, DMT or Dimethyltryptamine drugs, and magic mushrooms like Psilocybin.

Perhaps, the main aim behind these scientific studies is to make these psychedelics available for useful therapeutic and medical purposes. Over the last few decades, scientists have realized the powerful results obtained by the use of these drugs on a number of health disorders. Continue reading

Welcome to the Version

Hey Ladies and Gents!

Welcome to my new website called The One Version! This website will be based on being the best version of yourself.  I just wanted to say I will be writing more content in a bit. Keep in touch!  Here is a video of what changed my life by Elliot Hulse.